pet life

Pets Make Life Better


What can make life far better? Is it paying attention to an item of wonderful music, a small blossom grown on your own, is it a joyous trip, or is it a sincerity? I think that what makes my life far better is to elevate a charming teddy pet dog!

I have constantly longed to have a pup. In my dreams, I would imagine playing with the puppy. Just a few days back, when Father got back, he was holding a little black Teddy in his hand. Mom saw the pup in Dad’s hand and asked Father, “Huh? Isn’t this pet from my auntie?” Ah! But she didn’t wish to elevate it, so she said it was offered to us.” Daddy replied gladly.

I jumped three feet high with delight because I finally have a pup of my very own. I gave it a good name called “Lucy”, the arrival of Lucy brought a different color to my life.


My dad and I got busy. I made Lucy a cozy as well as comfortable cabin out of a cardboard box, while my dad bathed Lucy in the washroom. After showering, I took him to the hut as well as put some food and water in it, viewing Lucy consuming happily, I smiled with contentment.

Lucy is great. Whenever I got home from college, it would instantly stand when it saw me, wagging its tail as well as ran over, rubbing my trousers with its nose, as well as barking “barking” to welcome my house!

Lucy is good, but still a little bit rowdy. As soon as, I was about to put on footwear to the institution, yet found that a person’s footwear was missing and also I couldn’t locate it no matter how I tried to find it. Currently, I strolled to Lucy’s cabin and also discovered that my shoes were gladly having fun with Lucy. Lucy located me as well as concerned me with my footwear in his mouth and also smiled. I believe: Lucy is really a “little naughty”.

There were a couple of times when Mom and Dad got off work late, and I was the only one at home. After I completed my homework, I would keep an eye out the window now and then to see if Mom and Dad returned. It appeared that Lucy saw what remained in my mind as well as it went to me. Massaging my head versus my leg, as if to state: “Don’t hesitate, I am right here”. The appearance of Lucy made me no longer alone and terrified.

Currently, Lucy is still at my home, and I play with it every day. I believe it will never leave me, as well as it is Lucy that makes my boring life full of laughter.