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The Benefits of Cat Supplements For Pets

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Do cat supplements really live up to all the claims they make? And, can your cat truly need such supplementation? That largely depends on who you ask, actually. Supplements can be recommended when your cat is ill. In some cases, there are actually some conditions in which a cat may require a supplement, but most supplements are simply unproven and untested in mainstream veterinary medicine.

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When it comes to cat supplements, you should know that many of them are simply man-made combinations of vitamins and other nutrients that stimulate the animal’s system to produce more cells. This is good, as long as the ingredients do not interfere with the animal’s natural ability to absorb nutrients and process nutrients. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Also, many substances used to create supplements, even vitamins, are synthetic, and not derived from animals, but plants.

One of the main reasons that some veterinarians recommend a daily dose of vitamin E, as a cat supplement, is because it acts as an antioxidant. Vitamins C and E are considering effective antioxidants in that they combat free radicals in the body. The problem with these vitamins, however, is that they are highly perishable. What’s more, for these vitamins to be absorbed into the animal’s tissue, they must be broken down by stomach acid. This makes the animal’s intestines highly susceptible to damage from these free radicals.

Since many owners of large-sized cats do not provide a good nutritional diet, the nutritional needs of these big cats are not always met. Large cats have very different nutritional needs than smaller cats and are often confronted with nutritional deficiencies. To make sure that your cat receives all of the essential vitamins and nutrients, consider giving him a daily supplement. You can purchase cat supplements that contain essential fatty acids as well as minerals, and other plant-based ingredients. These pet supplements can be purchased online and at many pet retailers, providing your pet with the ultimate convenience.

Cat supplements also offer many benefits to cats who suffer from deficiencies. If your pet is deficient in essential fatty acids, for example, he may develop serious health problems. Malnutrition can lead to bone disease, liver problems, and heart problems, so it’s important to give your cat a regular supplement. If your cat’s blood chemistry is imbalanced, a vet can suggest a specific supplement that will balance his chemical makeup.

In some cases, your cat supplements may need to be altered or changed to meet your pet’s needs. For instance, if your cat was to develop kidney stones, your veterinarian may have to adjust his dosage to prevent further damage to the kidneys or bladder. Also, in cases of acute nutritional deficiency, your vet may recommend a special formula. Consult your veterinarian for instructions and dosage recommendations.