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The Truth About Pet Food Safety in America and the West

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It seems that just about everyone has their own opinions on pet food, with some people absolutely loving it and others hating it. What really irks me is when someone states, “Pet food is bad for your pet” and yet they themselves eat pet food all the time. Pet food sales are through the roof because people love their pets and want to do anything they can to help them live long and healthy lives. The pet food companies are making a lot of money because people assume that pet food is what their pet would eat if they could. Well they are wrong…not completely anyways.}

Pet food is manufactured since the early 1940s in America and Europe, and there are even manufacturing facilities in many developed countries where pet foods are processed and manufactured. But the key ingredients in pet food are nutritionally balanced for an animal to live a long, healthy life so they can eat just as much of the pet food as you would. Most cats and dogs will enjoy kibble, canned food, or dry food, depending on their own individual needs and preferences.

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We are the representatives of the American Feed Control Officials and we are here to tell you that pet food is NOT always what it seems. You don’t need to believe everything you hear, especially from the US FDA, or anyone else for that matter. Pet food can be high-quality food and it can also be very unhealthy for pets if the wrong ingredients are used or the pet food is improperly prepared. Our job is to educate you on pet food safety and to help you make the right choice.